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Mutual Responsibility

Mutual Responsibility is crucial for social justice. Helping others is not only good for the person being helped. The person who is helping is also rewarded. It has been shown that helping others  contributes to a satisfiying life. 


Mutual Responsibilty, first of all means ridding yourself of baseless hatred. The videos to the left explain more. 


Free to help

In order to have mutual obligation people must be free. Otherwise they cannot be responsible to help others. People who are not free are only concerned with their own survival. Prisoners and slaves are an extreme example of this.


Also dictatorships where the government is in charge of everything makes mutual responsibility very difficult. Why help your neighbor if it is the government's responsibility?


People helping people has many advantages:

  • The person being helped is helped by someone who is independent and interested in helping him/her. This is much different than government employees helping because it is their job. The employee may be a great person who wants to help but their first obligation is to their employer to ensure keeping their own job so they will have income for their own family.

  • The independent person helping also benefits when they volunteer. Many studies show it improves personal happiness.

  • Money is not wasted by funneling funds through government beaurocracies. Taxes can be reduced so people have more money to spend on themselves and others.



Free Markets Force People to Put Others First. Watch the video to see why.

Fre Markets

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