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Learn about Social Justice


Here is how the UN (see original quote) defines social justice: 


The term 'social justice' implies:

1. Fairness and mutual obligation in society

2. That we are responsible for one another

3. And that we should ensure that people have equal chances to succeed in life


Learrn more about each of these aspects below:

Fairness is extremely important. To be fair we must let people enjoy the fruits of their labors. That gives everyone hope. The importance of this cannot be underestimated. Watch the video...

Mutual Responsibility is crucial for social justice. Helping others is not only good for the person being helped. The person who is helping is also rewarded. It has been shown that this contributes to a satisfiying life. Watch the video and read more...


Everyone should have a chance to succeed and be happy. Some people will view themselves as a success if they raise a great family.


Others will find success in creating works of art. Some may want to create a successful business. How can we help more people succeed? Watch the video...

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