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The Truth About

Government Regulations 


In Israel, vast wealth is concentrated within a handful of families. Wealthy families and companies can influence the government more than individuals because of their resources. When regulations are added, they inevitably favor vested interests. This makes it difficult for people to move up the economic ladder. And makes the playing field inherently unfair.


In order to preserve social justice and allow more people to attain success, we need to have a fair playing field. We need to keep bureaucracy and regulations to a minimum. Even when regulations can have a beneficial effect they should be avoided whenever possible. That is because the regulations are not always enforced fairly and they also do not keep up with new technology and changing situations.


Regulations are a tool of vested interests


Regulations are a tool of vested interests to keep out people who want to start their own business. The excuse for these regulations is usually protecting the public interest or for safety’s sake. 


This is a great advantage to existing big companies because the government acts as a monopoly. If someone thinks the regulations are unfair --there is nothing they can do about. So the cartels are safe from competition.


MKs and judges go with the vested interests in many cases. They know that if they go against the little guy they have nothing to lose. But if they go against the vested interests it may hurt them--when they are looking for a job, for example. Or in other ways. Why risk it? 


The lower and middle classes suffer


This is one way that the lower and middle classes are kept from moving up.


They also pay more for goods and services because the competition is limited.


What is the alternative? Listen to the videos to find out.


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