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Why is the Government Trying to Ruin our Health?

The Israeli Government has new rules about the amount of salt, sugar and fats that foods can have. They get a red sign if they don't comply.

You may think this is a good idea but past attempts to legislate food requirements have backfired due to many reasons.

For example, the USA goverment legistated out palm oil and that let to the substitute of Trans fat. Which later turned out to be even worse.

Another example was the well meaning desire to reduce cholesteral. Listen to this great podcast from Malcolm Gladwell on this.

Fat Advice is Wrong - Scientific American

There are also unintended consequences of regulations. I know that if I start eating snacks that have less salt, sugar and fats, I will eat more of them. I will then have less room to eat health foods. The net affect is that I will be less healthy.

Maybe the most important reason against regulations is that they are not ethical. If I want to make a transaction with someone - what right do bureaucrats or politicians have to interfere? Read more about this in Prof. Thomas Sowell's book: Economic Facts and Fallacies.

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