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What Schools Should be Teaching

Since most schooling in the west is public there is very little innovation in Curriculums. I can think of 3 subjects which should be taught in high school:

1. Statistics and Probability

People read he news but many times the statistics are manipulated through graphs or there is no comparison, etc. In order to be better informed you need to know statistics and probability.

Here is someone who agrees with me:

2. Depression

We need to be proactive to prevent depression. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is used to combat it and it can be taught. Positive Psychology sounds better - here is a lecture about it.

3. Investing and Personal Finance

Most people don't know that investment advisors don't usually beat the market. You can easily waste a lot of your savings. And if you don't have savings you need to know how to budget. In Israel we have a few non profits that work on this:

Here is a podcast discussing the revolution in investing made possible by Mr. Bogle's Vanguard indexed funds:

All this boils down to helping people taking responsibility for themselves and others.

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