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Post Office vs Fedex

My 86 year old mother was sent a package from the USA to Israel in the beginning of May through the EMS speedy delivery option. Every week we put in the tracking code on the Israeli post office website and every week it said - no such package.

After a month I went to the post office. They put the tracking code in their internal system and found the package was in Israel. But they couldn't help me - I would have to call the customer service line. Here is what happened:

  • Waited over 20 minutes for an answer

  • Told me the package was in Israel but couldn't give me any more info

  • Filled out post office website forms for help - never received an answer

  • Used online chat many times but it always said - operaters are busy - try later

  • In July we asked the sender to check again on their end

  • They checked and found out the package is on its way back to the USA

  • I checked the online tracking and it said the package was in the Migdal Haniviem branch office - see screen shot

Incompetent Israeli Post Office

  • I called the Migdal Haniviem branch but there was no answer.

  • I then looked on the Internet to see the hours it was open so I can go down there.

  • The Post Office website said this branch was closed!!!!

  • I began to think I was in a Kafka movie

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this story. I will tell you in another couple of minutes.

  • A few days later the online package tracker showed the package was at the Ramat Alon Branch.

  • And it will be sent back (notice the future tense)

  • It also said that I didn't come to pick it up.

  • How could I if they never sent me a message that it was there???

  • Of course I ran there last Sunday but they said it was sent back and I should call right away to try and stop it. This was July 16.

  • I called - waiting 20 minutes to get a representative. She said it was too late - already sent back on a boat that will take 3 months!!!

  • I just check the Israeli post office online tracker and now it says the package was sent back - but it is dated 2 days after I called.

So why am I telling you this story?

Would you do business with a business that acts this way?

Think of all the government offices you do business with - drivers licenses, interior ministry, education ministry and compare the service to private companies.

Private companies don't always do a great job but it others do a better job they will go out of business.

Wouldn't it be better to privatize everything we can?

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