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Seattle Minimum Wage Increase Backfires

It is no secret that minimum wage laws hurt the poor and are many times racist. You can learn why the minimum wage should be 0.00 here.

Seattle Washington passed a law with the goal of raising the minimum wage to $15/hours. A new study shows how the outcome: forcing people to raise the minimum wage results in people making less money.

But besides the practical aspects there is also a moral angle. Two adults should be able to come to a wage agreement without governmental interference.

If an otherwise unemployable pensioner wants to get out of the house and make a few bucks - why should the government have the power to prevent him from doing this? And if a non skilled high school drop out is willing to work for a low wage to get some experience - why should the government be able to stop him?

I recently met some one who graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering over 40 years ago. He told me that his first job was for a building company that didn't understand how he could help them. He offered to work for free as he wanted to get experience in that field. He told me that after the first year he had one of the highest paid positions in the company.

There are many stories like that. Click here to read another one.

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